6 Ways to Remove Odor from Plastic Containers

Plastic containers are commonly used to store your food items. Many times the food leaves an unpleasant odor or strong odor that doesn’t go away easily even after washing the containers thoroughly and then drying it during house cleaning. That’s because the plastic containers have tendency to absorb the odor that is very difficult to get rid of. If you are having such plastic containers then you should not worry. It may take some extra effort but you can remove the odor from the containers with the help of common things that are already used in your house for house cleaning. House Cleaning Ballard has got few house cleaning tips for you to help you remove the odor from the container.

How to Remove Odor from the Plastic Containers?

During house cleaning, washing the plastic cleaner in the dishwasher can help you to remove the odor but if your container is not dishwasher safe and needs to be washed manually then you need to follow some methods in order to finish the odor. Before you start the house cleaning process you should always read the manufacturer's instructions that come with the container. These instructions may inform you about the chemicals that may harm the container.    



Newspapers is the most convenient way to remove the odor.

    • First, wash the container with the soap water.
    • Dry the lid and the container.
    • Now put some black and white newspapers in the container and keep it like this for 2-3 days.
    • When you will reopen the container the smell will be gone as the carbon of the newspaper sucks the bad smell.


For house cleaning, Bleach is a chemical that helps to remove the stains, kills the microorganisms.

    • First, wash the plastic container with soapy water
    • Then prepare half water and half beach solution
    • Let the container sit for 4 hours.
    • Later wash it with water and the odor will be gone.  


During house cleaning, you need to keep your container directly in the sunlight to dry it completely and it will solve your problem.

    • Place it in the sunlight for 1-2 hours to get rid of odor naturally.    

Coffee Powder:

    • You need to wash the container properly and then put teaspoon coffee powder in the container and close it for a day or two.
    • The unpleasant odor will be gone and replaced with the fresh coffee fragrance.   

Baking Soda:

Once you have cleaned the container and dried it properly,

    • Cover the base of the container with the baking soda powder
    • And, then fill the rest of the container with the warm water.
    • Leave it for overnight.
    • Next morning, rinse it with the fresh water and the smell will be gone.

Vanilla Extract:

Once you are done with cleaning the plastic,

    • Fill it with cold water.
    • Now add 5 drops of vanilla extract and mix it.
    • Let it sit for overnight.

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