5 most common cleaning mistakes which you should avoid
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5 most common cleaning mistakes which you should avoid

We make many mistakes while cleaning, this costs us a whole lot of new mess which we need to clean separately. So if we stop making certain mistakes our cleaning process will turn into an easy task and will not cost us too much to perform.

House Cleaning West Seattle has to point out some cleaning mistakes that are avoided to ease the cleaning process. 

1. Using inappropriate cleaners 

During house cleaning, using a completely incorrect chemical cleaner is the first cleaning mistake we make. When house cleaning, you must always purchase cleaning products based on the needs of particular appliances or other objects you want to clean.

2.Not reading directions before use

During house cleaning, another cleaning mistake we make when cleaning. We use different types of cleaning products available on the market, from herbal cleaning products to chemicals. And it is assumed that different products are used differently and it is important to read the instructions for use as indicated on the label of the product you are using. Before using these cleaners and other cleaning products, read and understand the address on the label before using it. Following the instructions is very important, because you never know how the chemical would react if you use it openly.

3.Not planning ahead 

When house cleaning after thinking about cleaning the house or things in the house, you need to plan the process well in advance. For example, before cleaning the house, you need to decide which things to clean first and which to clean in the end, or which room to start, etc. This way, it will make your cleaning task very simple and fluent. If you don't plan cleaning, you could end up in a disaster. 

4.Using chemical spray on electronic gadget 

When house cleaning, advertisements can show that a general cleaner can also clean your TV screens or other electronic products. But this does nothing good because electronic products are delicate and can be easily damaged with the use of a generic detergent. During house cleaning, do not use glass cleaning sprays on laptop, desktop or TV screens.

5. Cleaning windows on a hot day 

When house cleaning, if you think your glass windows shine better on a sunny day after cleaning them, then you're wrong. Instead, the glass cleaner evaporates easily in the sun and leaves streaks or stains. If you plan to clean the windows, clean them when the sky is cloudy.

6.Spraying directly 

During house cleaning, ads can show the model by spraying the cleaner directly on a home property, but that's one of the cleaning mistakes. You should always spray the liquid on the cloth you will use to clean the particular substance.


If you are still looking for more tips to avoid stuff you are cleaning your house then you should get in touch with your local House Cleaning West Seattle experts who are ready to help you out no matter what or you can book an appointment with House Cleaning West Seattle.